Ride Rough Virtual Signing!

I’m thrilled to offer you a virtual signing opportunity for Ride Rough, the second book in my Raven Riders series coming April 25, 2017! That’s right, you can order a signed copy of the book (including international readers!) that will be delivered release week from the awesome booksellers at Fountain Books in Richmond, Virginia!

To order, go here!

When you’re done ordering, enter your order info HERE to get your *FREE* bonus story to be delivered after the release of Ride Rough! This is the story nearly 1,000 readers voted for and I’m writing as a thank you for ordering Ride Rough!

I can’t wait to sign YOUR book! And don’t forget to mark April 18th on your calendar – I’ll be doing a special Facebook Live video interview and reading of the book, and answering your questions, too!

Thanks everyone! Go grab your very own Maverick!



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  1. Happy Book Birthday! Thanks for all the great books!