Get a Bonus Story when you Preorder Ride Rough!

We have a winner! Nearly 1,000 of you voted in my #MoreHardInk contest, and you overwhelming chose to read about Beckett Murda meeting his baby for the first time! And you can get that story by preordering Ride Rough.

Get your bonus story here!

And that’s not all! When you order Ride Rough, you’re actually getting:

  1. Ride Rough, of course, a sexy and gritty second-chance love story which is already garnering so much praise!

  2. Hard Ever After, the complete long novella from the end of the Hard Ink series, which the publisher is including at the end of Ride Rough!

  3. AND the bonus Beckett and Kat story, too!

  4. AND you can order a SIGNED Ride Rough through my virtual signing, and ordering that way counts towards the bonus story, too!

So there’s no reason not to grab this up while you can get all three goodies! Just submit your info here!

Thanks for reading!



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